Valentine’s day

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full valentine centerpiece

I loved my decorative sticks (yes, people have made fun of me for calling them that) from my holiday center piece so much that I decided to re-vamp it for Valentine’s day.

The sticks were already red and white so I kept them the way they were, but for an extra lovey look I made valentine heart ornaments.

full valentine centerpiece

If it makes you feel more comfortable you can create a template for the hearts but I decided to freestyle each heart on the felt because I like the look of every heart looking different. You are going to want to have two same-sized felt hearts for each decoration. Place the two same sized hearts together pin them, so they don’t move. Then, using a sewing machine, sew along the edges.The other thing to remember is that you need something to hang the hearts on the tree. Before you get to the center crease of the heart place the ribbon in between the two felt pieces and then sew over.

Once you’re done, hang them anywhere around your house for a cute Valentines look. I placed it on out centerpiece. But they would look great hanging from any knobs or sew them all together to make a garland.

Valentine Centerpiece Bow

I thought the glass vase looked a little bare, so decided to add some ribbon. The center of the bow was a little wonky, so I hide that mistake with a cute felt heart. Bwahaha now, no one will know.

Full image of Valentine Table Decor in Living room