Oranges and Cloves Holiday Decor

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Oranges and Cloves Holiday Decor

Right after the fresh scent of pine from the Christmas tree I think  the smell of oranges and cloves is my number 2 scent that reminds me of Christmas.  Thats why when thinking of a way to decorate my apartment for the holidays I decide to incorporate both into a piece of Christmas decor.

Since I live the life of a out-of-college 20 something I’m not into frivolously spending the money I don’t have, so I found a way to do this without breaking the bank…. aka not spending over $10.

Cloves and oranges Holiday Decor

To start, I got a bag of about 10 navel oranges and 1 0z of whole cloves.  To pre-puncture a hole in the orange, I just used a nail. It prevents the cloves from breaking (’cause, you know, I’m poor and I don’t want to waste them…) This is when you can just have fun, there is no pattern the cloves can really go anywhere. Just have fun with it. The best part is that the room will just fill with citrus bliss.

Now, if you want, you can place the oranges in a decorative bowl and call it a day, but i’m gonna go one step farther.

Oranges and Cloves in a Bowl

I got a collection of pine tree branches and vines that I used in a combo with the oranges. I then layered them all together. First, putting down the pine branches and then oranges and going every other after that.  The idea is to find a good mix of oranges and pines to create the best mix of scents. I find that stepping back and taking a look helps finding the perfect mix. I had to move everything around a couple times, but I eventually found the balanced I liked.

Vase of Oranges Cloves and Pine