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Even though the holidays have come to an end it is never to late to jazz up your table this time of year. My roommates and I had a Christmas party and I put together this piece as a Piece de Resistance for the party, but I am finding that I quite enjoy it.- A little too much to get rid right afterwards. I think I may have to find a way to re-purpose it for the upcoming holiday of love (stay tuned for a Valentine’s day update!)

Full holiday table decor

I came across these beautiful red sticks when I went home to my parents for thanksgiving and I had to have them. Fortunately for me they were free in the ravine behind my house, so it just cost me a little bit of manual labor and some time out in the Minnesota cold. My hands were numb by the time I collected everything, but I’m always in favor of finding things free!  If you aren’t that lucky, I have seen similar style sticks for sale in any garden store and some fancy-shmancy grocery stores. As I began to plan out my thoughts, things were looking a little bland. I decided to spray-paint half of the sticks white to add a bit of contrast.  Black or gold would also have worked but I like the bright white against our dark wood trim. It takes about 3 coats of spray paint to cover the sticks completely. Also- side note- choose a day to spray paint when it isn’t -15 degrees outside.  APPARENTLY Minnesota winter turns spray paint into a gelatinous mess.  I was forced to retreat to the bathroom and stink up the apartment with fumes- sorry roomies!

Holiday Table Decor

There is no real way to describe how I arranged the sticks- I mainly just balanced white and red. Its good to take a step back to make sure that it doesn’t look one sided or awkwardly one color or the other. For the Christmas party I added some ornaments by the recommendation of my roommate. I think it added a little sparkle and really looked FABULOUS. And to add a little extra ambiance I put wine corks and cranberries in glass jars I found at a thrift shop.  I think I spent less than $10 on the whole project and it really livened up the look in our dining room.  Definitely doable on a small budget. …If you’re willing to risk a minor case of frost bite 🙂