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Your Last Minute Valentine Card

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It’s only a few days until Valentine’s Day and you still don’t have a card?  Not a surprise…  It’s ok!  I have some GREAT ideas for you.  A simple card will definitely cover your ass so, here are a couple helpful tips for a valentines crisis adverted with things you most likely have around the house.

The Pop Up Card

Pop Up Valentine Card

Take any paper lying around and cute two parallel lines in the folded part of the card. Now fold that part out into the card and you have your base, for what ever lovey thing you are going to glue to it.

I think the pop-up card is the easiest way to make a card that says, “hey, I like you. I made a card that pops”

The Minimalist Card

Minimalist Valentine Card

Get out the paints and warm up your creative side for this one. Take the two things that signify Valentine’s Day- a red heart and the word love- and plop them on a card.  Remember minimalist: Less is more.

The Modern Art Card

Modern Art Valentine Card

Let the emotions flow with this one. As long as you can find a long-winded and slightly metaphoric explanation why it expresses your over flowing emotions of love, you’re good as gold.

The “Find a Popular Internet Theme and Copy It” Card

grumpy cat valentine

Grumpy cat makes for a perfect warm-feeling card.

The Ransom Note

ransom note valentine

First of all, taking somebody for ransom in never a good idea. We all saw Taken. Liam Neeson will find you. But who can resist an endearing message written out in old newspaper and magazine letters?

The Eco Friendly Card

Funny Eco Friendly Valentine Card

Don’t want to waste paper. Check out your pantry and see what you got (I opted for a banana) and just carve in that sweet sweet message.  Although stabbing a message into such a symbolic fruit might send a creepier message than intended….