Bitchin’ Kitchen Part I

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title image for dry goods labels

I have made it my goal to make my apartment look loved and taken care of. When my roommates and I moved in, the apartment was a little worse for wear, although it has tons of underlying charm that I am determined to brush off and show off! Slowly, but surely I am finishing everything,project by project, to complete my goal. This week’s task was to add some fun to the dry ingredient containers in my kitchen.

Now, I picked these little buggers up at Target for about 6.99 a pop, the smaller ones were even cheaper. I will say this now though, I would not recommend getting them. The tops never seem to want to shut. So, if I were you I would spend a little more money and get some from The Container Store or some place similar.

kitchen labels supplies

I found some fun colorful paper and cut out a square according to the size of the container. I used a tape measure to get the measurements and then used that to cut out the piece I would use to mod-podge.

Once you have the piece cut out, put a layer of the mod-podge on the glass. Place the paper on top of that and flatten out any bubbles that may appear. It is ok if you can’t get all of them. I find that once you put a layer of mod-podge on top it flattens out.

kitchen labels white background copy

And to follow that, once it has dried (about 5 minutes), put another layer of mod-podge over the paper. I usually put about two layers of the mod-podge on just to make sure it sticks. If you have any extra mod-podge on the glass, no worries. Just use a straight-edge and scratch away. I used a damped paper towel to then wipe away the rest.

Awesome DIY dry good labels

I thought it would be important to add labels, because we all have that friend who doesn’t have a clue what’s what. So, I printed off a black inch by inch triangle with white lettering of whatever dry ingredient I needed. It’s as easy as before, just mod-podge it to the corner.Adorable DIY labels

Stay tuned for bitchin’ kitchen part II


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