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DIY Homemade Ginger tea

This past September I dropped everything and decided to take a trip to South Korea to visit a couple of close friends. While there I tried a drink that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Fast forward a couple months back in the cold U.S (it’s way below zero up here in Minnesota!) when I find myself with a great remedy for the sniffles.   Best part? The recipe couldn’t be easier! Here it is:

1 cup honey

1/4 cup shredded ginger. (about 1 root)

You’ll first want to peel the ginger root. I find that the skin comes of relatively easy with a spoon, but you can definitely use a peeler if you want. Once the ginger is peeled you’ll want to either throw it in the food processor or slice it really thin. I have a julienne slicer which worked perfect.  Once the ginger is all sliced up all you need is to add it to the honey and give it a stir. This provides the base for the tea.  Add about 2 TBSP to a cup of boiling water and mix it up. The honey makes the drink sweet and the ginger makes it soothing.

I put the rest of the ginger tea mix in a mason jar and kept it in the refrigerator. It keeps for about 4 weeks. Enjoy.

DIY Homemade Ginger Tea


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